91st Airborne
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Radio in use: AN/PRC-77


Company HQ = 55.00Mhz
1st Squad internal = 53.00Mhz
2nd Squad internal = 54.00Mhz

Possible changes will be announced prior to trainings or operations.

Emergency frequencies
Company HQ = 65.00Mhz
1st Squad internal = 63.00Mhz
2nd Suad internal = 64.00Mhz



Company HQ = Popeye
HQ Air control = Steel Rain

1st Squad Alpha SL = Alpha actual
1st Squad Alpha = Alpha

2nd Squad Bravo SL = Bravo actual
2nd Squad Bravo = Bravo

Radio checks

Before trainings or operations communication channels must be established and confirmed.

Callsign this is Callsign Radio Check, over.

Response –

Callsign this is Callsign reading you Loud and Clear, out.

Example –

Bravo this is Alpha Radio check, over.

Alpha this is Bravo. Reading you loud and clear, out.

The Radio Check will near enough be the only communication where the receiving party may end on out.
In general, the person initiating the contact is the one to call it out.

Different types of support might be available during operations. Here’s how to call in a Fire Mission.

Callsign this is Callsign requesting Fire Mission.

Callsign this is Callsign send it.

Callsign this is Callsign requesting Number of Rounds of Type of Shell, Type of Spread at Grid Ref. Our grid ref is Grid Ref.

Response –
Roger Callsign. Number of Rounds of Type of Shell at Grid Ref Type Of Spread

Example –

Steel Rain this is Bravo Requesting fire mission.

Bravo this is Steel Rain send it.

Steel Rain this is Bravo requesting 4 Rounds of HE at 0000,0000 Our Grid Ref is 0000,0000 Fire for Effect.

Roger Bravo, 4 Rounds of HE at 0000,0000 Fire for Effect.

Sooner or later soldiers run out of ammunition, missiles for their AT or medical supplies. The means of resupplying the troops will be clarified during the briefing before operations.

HQ Callsign this is callsign requesting Supply Drop of Type of supplies needed at Grid Ref

Callsign this is HQ Callsign. Roger that, supplies inbound at Grid Ref. ETA X mikes.

Example –

Popeye this is Alpha Requesting Supply Drop of Ammo at 0000,0000

Alpha This is Popeye. Roger that, supplies inbound at 0000,0000. ETA 7 mikes.

During operations HQ might request a sitrep from troops out in the field. Or one platoon might ask for one of the other because of a concerted operation.
SITREPs are not intended to be in-depth but a momentary report of the situation to let SLs keep the big picture.

Example –

Alpha this is Bravo, requesting sitrep, over.

Bravo this is Alpha. Sitrep as follows. We have reached the overview, fortifications going up. Will be set in 2 mikes, over.

ACE reports might be called in after an engagement to assess the unit’s status. It stands for:

A = Ammo

If your team is low on ammo, give details on it. This can be in general (“low on ammo”) or more specific (“AR low on ammo” or “out of AT rounds”)

C = Casualties

Reply with the status of your squad, how many are up, injured, kia or missing.

E = Equipment

If the team has lost important equipment, state it here. E.g., your vehicle has been destroyed; your squad no longer has access to MG etc.

Example –

Bravo this is Alpha, requesting ACE report, over.

Alpha this is Bravo. Wait out, over.

— information being gathered —

Alpha this is Bravo. ACE report as follows. Ammo, still green. Casualties, we have 5 up, 1 wounded, 1 person still missing. Equipment, no AT available as he’s the person missing; we’re orange on medical supplies, over.

To keep voice transmission as short and clear as possible, RTO’s use procedure words to take the place of long sentences. The table below contains some of the abbreviations you can use.

ACKNOWLEDGELet me know that you have received and understood the message.
ALL AFTERI refer to the portion of the message that follows, ..
ALL BEFOREI refer to the portion of the message that precedes
APPROVEDPermission for proposed action granted.
AUTHENTICATEA demand for a code word to make sure that the transmission is not by an enemy imposter
I AUTHENTICATEThis is the reply at a challenge to Authenticate.
BREAKAnnounces the end or part of the message
BREAK-BREAKSignals to all listeners on the frequency, the message to follow is priority.
CANCELAnnul the previously transmitted clearance.
CLEAREDAuthorized to proceed under conditions specified.
CONFIRMI request verification of: (clearance, instruction, action information)
CONTACTEstablish communications with..
CORRECTConfirms that a repetition matches the message sent out
CORRECTIONAnnounces that a previous message is to be sent out with the corrections added
DISREGARD Ignore (e.g., disregard last message)
DO NOT ANSWERStations are called not to answer this call. This word is always ends with OUT
EN ROUTEHeading out to destination.
EXECUTECarry out the purpose of the message
EXEMPTThe addressee destinations immediately following are exempted from the collective call
FIGURESNumerals or numbers to follow
FLASHAnnounces the beginning of an emergency message
FROMAnnounces the source of the message
GREENConditions are safe
GROUPSThe message contains the number of groups indicated by the numerical following
HOTEL ALPHA“Haul Ass!” Go somewhere quickly
HOTEL ECHO“High Explosives” This warns of immediate incoming explosive rounds or a request for the same
HOW DO YOU READWhat is the readability of my transmission?
I READ BACKThe following is my response to your instructions to Read Back.
I SAY AGAINI repeat for clarity or emphasis.
I SPELLAnnounces that the next message will be spelled out letter by letter
I VERIFYThat which follows has been verified at your request and is repeated.
IMMEDIATEAnnounces the beginning of a priority message
MESSAGEA message which requires recording is about to follow
MORE TO FOLLOWThere is more of the message to follow.
NEGATIVE“No” or “Permission not granted”, or “that is not correct” or “Not capable”.
NUMBERStation serial number
OUTThe exchange of transmissions is ended, and no response is expected.
OVERMy transmission is ended, and I expect a response from you.
PRIORITYAnnouncing a priority message.
RADIO CHECKChecking to see if there is still a connection
READ BACKRepeat all, or the specified part, of this message back to me exactly as received.
REDSituation is dangerous
REPORTPass me the following information.
REQUESTI should like to know…
ROGERI have received all your last information.
ROUTINEAnnounces a non-priority message
SAY AGAINRepeat all, or the following part, of your last transmission.
SEND TRAFFICSend your transmission
SILENCETells all RTO’s to stop transmitting. Often if eavesdropping is suspected or radio transmissions are giving away positions
SILENCE LIFTEDTells RTO’s that transmission can start again
SPEAK SLOWERYour message is too fast to understand, speak slower.
STANDBYWait and I will call you.
THAT IS CORRECTYou are correct or what you have transmitted is correct
THIS ISThis transmission is from [CALLSIGN)
TIMEThat which immediately follows is the time or date-time group of the message
UNABLEI cannot comply with your request, instruction, or clearance.
UNKNOWN STATIONThe identity of the station of which I am communicating with is unknown
VERIFYVerify the message or portion of message that is indicated
WAITAnnounces a pause for a few seconds
WAIT OUTI must pause for longer than a few seconds
WILCOI have received your signal, understand it and will comply. Similar to ROGER
WORDS TWICE(As a request) Communication is difficult. Please send every word, or group of words, twice.