91st Airborne
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Guide for:-

Squad Leader – – Team Leader – – NCO

  • Your job is to make sure people have a good experience playing in our unit.
  • Lead by example
  • Competent leaders depend on good communication. Leaders cannot lead, supervise plan an attack without the ability to communicate clearly.
  • Stay calm, talk calmly, be respectful at all times, ask people to do things don’t order them, it’s a video game not real life & death.
  • Listen to advise from your other ncos, ask for their input when making plans.
  • Try and stay situational aware: 
e.i your location (where are you) possibly ambush points (are you leading in to danger, are you overly exposed with no cover).
  • The job of the ASL is to support the Squad leader, support by keeping track of where you are so the squad leader can concentrate on tactics & radio messages from the operator etc.
  • Make sure the squad members are not pissing about during missions to the detriment of others.
  • Keep voices low at appropriate times, no talking if that’s what’s needed.
  • Remember basic communication within a squad or fireteam is one of the most important skill a leader needs.
  • Briefing: quick over view of orders received.
  • Explain how you propose to achieve that.
  • Give orders to fire teams as needed.
  • When moving location at any time then the call “Stepping off” needs to start with you and be passed down the line.
  • The passing of orders up and down a formation needs to be brought back in as a matter of priority as well as discipline in general-this dose not mean shouting and abusing players it means talking and explaining until this has proved in effective then it would need to be discussed by staff for further action.
  • Kit inspections, all ncos should check with mission maker if unsure what is allowed and then make sure the members are not carrying inappropriate equipment, players carry kit that’s not allowed can be very annoying to others who are following instructions.
  • Check at the start of every mission that players are carrying a basic amount of first aid and not just expecting the medic to have all the bandages for the squad/team.
  • Readiness: if while moving towards a target or from A to B and a halt is called for anything longer than a 30 second brief map check, needs the ASL or team leader to insure a 360 degree watch perimeter is established quickly & quietly.
  • ASL & team leaders are responsible to check the status of any wounded players and advise Squad or team lead on time required before fit to move.
  • It’s the job of the ASL to communicate with the radio operator in passing situation updates to other squads/HQ.
  • If in constant contact or after a heavy engagement nco’ should do an ammo count including medical and advice squad leader accordingly.
  • As SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedure) start to be approved & we start to be trained in them, its the nco who makes sure that all players understand what is expected of them in any given situation that a SOP is used.