91st Airborne
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It is expected that people using our Discord or game servers use their common sense and apply these rules of conduct accordingly.

Section 1. General Server Rules

a – All members must have their profiles in Arma connected to the 91st Airborne unit (tags) Probationary members excluded.

b – All member names must follow the set layout as follows; Rank Initial. Name “PVT E. Example”

c – All members must Respect the Rank System. This means that you have to respect that this is a Mil-Sim Server and a chain of command is used.

d – We will not tolerate racism/discrimination including sexual harassment towards anyone either on the private server or public server.

e – No trolling is allowed on the server.

f – All members must meet the visual standards, which means no face paints or dirt on the avatars.

g – Members are not allowed to use the communication channels (side channel…) during operations, unless they are requesting teleportation or going AFK.

h – All members are expected to follow the rules and regulations.

J- All members must behave in a respectful manner to all public players on our public server regardless of any provocation or abuse.

K- Members must use their 91st Airborne unit tags when on the 91st Airborne public server.

k – Members are expected to help and encourage fair play and help new players to follow the rules of the server.

i – Dual Cleaning at the decision of unit staff only.

m – English is the only language either spoken or written allowed during operations & training.

n – Soundboards are prohibited on missions or training ops.

p – No other unit tags may be used on 91st Airborne servers.

q- It is implied by joining the unit that you are ok with unit streamers recording your game play.

Section 2: Immersion

1- Stay in uniform and use the role assigned equipment only.
2- Do not use enemy weapons etc unless instructed by your co.
3- Offer an honest opinion but never publicly criticise other players, there will always be a debrief should an issue occur.
4- Follow all orders unless unlawful.

Section 3: Infractions

We use a Strike System. You will get a strike depending on the severity of the offense, PVT and above are allowed up to 3 Strikes before they are removed from the unit, if a private on probation receives a strike, he is removed from the unit without appeal.
1st Strike
 The member will be formally warned and a strike will be added next to their name on the Unit Roll Call.
2nd Strike (PVT or above)
The member will be demoted down according to the nature of the offense.
3rd Strike
The member will be removed and banned from the unit.