91st Airborne
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The idea^4000

After being in a unit for nearly 3 years I decided maybe time to try some new ideas and form a new unit based on having fun within a organised group that focus on teamwork and tactics rather than chaotic run & gun. Playing in my previous unit we had some great missions and moments in those missions,  I am hoping to recreate with a good dedicated team of mission makers and staff looking to make sure everyone that joins a mission has a good operation and wants to return for more.

We will be running infantry based operations with occasional piloting or ground vehicles being used mainly for transportation rather than tank battles. A relaxed unit atmosphere with tactical immersive play as the driving factor not any kind of fancy saluting or pointless ego building procedures.
No fixed slots, only criteria is must be qualified to be in slot i.e, NCO training passed for leading, medical training for being a medic etc

Why WW2

WW2 makes for a more challenging play style over playing special opps in modern day times with all the high tech equipment, instant communications and fast resupply.  I have had far more fun falling to the ground under a parachute spotting land marks just so I know where the hell I am in relation to main objective and finding the RV with the rest of the squad before getting my head blown off, all that without any fancy GPS or personal radios.

Why Cold War

The Cold War presents a slightly different set of challenges, communications still not great, likewise equipment is an improvement on WW2 but still fairly basic. The terrain is by far the biggest challenge, navigation in a dense jungle, enemy’s appearing out of nowhere unleashing a vicious ambush before melting back in to the green hell, leaving dead & wounded behind. Or black operations helping friendly pro western governments fight off communist insurgence with out igniting nuclear armageddon.


Things to help keep immersion good:

  • No 3rd person viewpoint
  • Moving tactically
  • Quality of life mods
  • Teamwork




We have an extensive list of mods but we do use a simple mod updating system that means you only have to click on 1 mod to load every mod needed and any changes to the list will be announced so those with slower internet speed have plenty of warning.

Support Det

Senior Medic
Engineer-Fire support specialist

Support Detachment will provide transport in and out of AO as well as CasEvac for the most seriously wounded who will be treated by the Senior Medic before returning to the battle.
The Engineer will build the F.O.B-Mash and provide local fire support to the squads in combat after building & assembling the mortar position.
Support Det driver-pilots will deliver squad resupply via heli or truck.

Squad Structure

The squads will be 12 strong, split in to 2 fire teams each fire team will have a buddy system.
Fire teams:-

Fire Team 1:

  • Squad leader
  • Radioman
  • AT
  • Rifleman
  • Auto Rifleman
  • Rifleman Buddy system:
    • Sq Lead + rifleman
    • Radioman + rifleman
    • Auto Rifleman + Rifleman

Fire Team 2:

  • Assistant squad leader
  • Medic
  • MG
  • Rifleman
  • Rifleman
  • Rifleman Buddy system:
    • Assistant Sq Lead + rifleman
    • MG+ Rifleman
    • AT + Rifleman